About Conscious Classroom

About Us

Our easy-to-follow modules are designed to strengthen bodies and minds simultaneously, to be used in all subjects and more importantly, to encourage life-long learning. We’ve built a program that empowers students to better understand their bodies in order to be the teacher that lives within themselves. And to become their best selves, mentally and physically. Our team is committed to creating a partnership with all students regardless of their learning differences and to support teachers within the rigors of academia.


Founder of Conscious Classroom™

I’m Stacy Hemingway, a yogi, a mama of two beautiful daughters, a dog mom, and a happily married wife. Throughout my 23 years of teaching experience, I’ve created a thoughtful, alignment-based, therapeutic style of yoga. After implementing yoga as an accredited class at Bainbridge High School in 2019, I wrote the curriculum for Conscious Classroom. With my passionate and spirited style of teaching, I look forward to diving into yoga with you!

Strengthen Your Body

and Mind Simultaneously
A little bit every day
goes a long way.

“I think the most stressful thing about school is …”
Cash, 17 years old

“My biggest challenge is ADHD. It’s really hard for me… “
Gracie Cate, 14 years old

“The big workload that comes with school sometimes gives me panic attacks”
Alita, 14 years old​