A deadline is a hard stop. It’s something that’s identified down to the very last minute. It’s no longer accessible after that time, date, or year. With that being said, breaking down the word: 


  • death
  • end game
  • final moment
  • last breath 
  • or in Sanskrit, it’s called Samadhi 


  • geometrical linear marker
  • a choice of one side or the other

Personally, the word does not work for me and I guess that’s why I cannot stick to them. I choose Lifeline—the lifeline above ground. We at Conscious Classroom are giving life to something big and this is the first time we have ever done anything like this. We are infusing it with prana, or life-energy so that it can exist and thrive and serve, all on its own. 

Babies come into the world when they are ready, not by force or sheer will, but when they have all the right parts connected and set up for success. After birthing two children of my own, the energetic, super creative, accomplishment phase has passed. We are in the final stretch, the light is blinding. 

At this point we are almost overdue, but we wait until we have developed all parts thoughtfully and skillfully. Once we are alive, then we must stay open to learning, nurturing ourselves, practicing, growing and stumbling along the way. This is the way we will grow, but we know we must start somewhere. 

I am super proud of our somewhere. The future is going to require sunglasses because the idea-train has left the station and we are headed into an elementary wonder world of basics and fundamentals. This is what builds a steady, connected, and conscious being. The lifeline is also the marker that reminds you once you’re on the other side, of everything it took to get you there. The sleepless nights, the crazy ideas that pop in whenever they choose, the reality of knowing what you want but you have no idea how to get there, it’s all a process of learning. 

Practicing what we preach and breathing along the way has helped us deal with obstacles we have faced that have now become a part of our past. When life does not flow as you thought, Or COVID-19 is biting at your heels, yogis learn to adapt without attachment. Our fifth Yama on the eight-limbed path is Aparigraha, Non-Attachment. Letting go with love, for the clinging causes too much suffering. 

Deadlines create suffering for me when I cannot rise to meet them. There is a sense of lifelessness and shame that I must process so I can truly be free (I guess that means I better not go work for the daily paper, lol 😉 

Once Conscious Classroom is born may the communities embrace it and support it as they would any community member, so it may continue to live, grow, thrive and serve. Thank you for growing with us, the growing pains are real and I am so ready to cross that line. Print date set for February 18, 2022.