Social-Emotional Development Curriculum Built to Support
Educators and Students Through Mindfulness and Movement

Conscious Classroom® provides students–in partnership with their educators and parents–
with the tools they need to move away from anxiety and stress towards emotional regulation,
self-control, increased concentration, and agency over their education.

What Students are Saying:

Listen how students incorporate breathing and stretching to calm their minds, help to alleviate stress, anxiety, and even symptoms of ADHD. Benefits also include supporting althetes to prevent injury, and helping students stay focused and on task with their schoolwork.

Social and Emotional Learning is an Integral Part
of Education and Human Development

Students gain proficiency in the 5 SEL core competencies through applying
the 12 modules of Conscious Classroom® Curriculum to their daily lives

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Breathwork Module

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3 Breathwork Practices (9-14 min. each)

  • Awaken & Energize
  • Clarity & Focus
  • Quieting the Mind



10 Breathwork Exercises: Strategies to Change our Emotional State



41-Minute Instructional Mindfulness and Movement Practice : Breathwork


Lesson plans

Find out how students can learn to breathe more mindfully with Belly Breath


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Mind is the master of senses and breath is the master of mind.
The mind cannot be restrained without restraining the breath –
mental activity keeps pace with respiration.

—Indra Devi