This shot was taken Friday night by the @soundersfc and posted up on their social media. We were invited by some friends that work with Virginia Mason. It was an event put on for Health Care workers. So technically we got lucky. Thank you Craighead’s for sharing the love. However, I do consider myself a health care provider. Yoga is a practice of self-care and that to me is health care. A practice of contemplating our thoughts that move through our mind and we are learning to discern the truth. A self-reflecting process of karma, action, and reaction.
What are we putting out into the world? What we give we get! When we become a witness to our thoughts and behavior we can choose the way we are in the world and if it aligns with our truth. Yoga just helps us unveil ourselves to ourselves. The veils that hide us from ourselves are like an onion, one layer at a time, we peel back what’s been hiding, we find our way back to the center of our onion, our heart, our being. I encourage people to move their bodies so they feel more embodied. Movement keeps our hearts pumping, lungs moving and us agile so we can thrive. When I think of health it’s a whole package. Mind, body, and heart. For a healthy mind, I encourage healthy thoughts. Watch for negative patterning and that voice of contradiction. Support your mind by slowing your thoughts down. Meditation is an incredible practice for slowing the movement of our minds. It allows us to actually witness our thoughts.
What are we placing our mental energy on?! Even a breath practice is great for slowing things down, at least this way you can take a nice deep breath before we have to respond to anything. A thoughtful response before any course of action is a conscious action. The practice of moving our bodies brings on spatial awareness connecting me to my surroundings, my senses, and the elements. Coordination is a quality that brings on freedom, free to move, flow and feel totally connected to the movement of our bodies. When we don’t feel free we are held captive in our minds, bodies and then are challenged by expressing ourselves from our hearts. Our heart-mind pumps deep in our chest moving from heart to head and back to the heart again. It’s signaling the mind to move from the heart. When we are moving from our heart-mind we build compassion and empathy. We see the good and move from the good. Judgment and opinion are checked at the door so that we may feel our way from heart to head and back again. Emotions and our sensory relationship to ourselves are another level that we get to dive into for exploration and understanding. When we can slow ourselves down, become awake and aware of what is in our control. we have the ability to align with whatever we set our heart-mind to. This gives us back the controls so we may use our skillful tools and finesse to build a life of design, dreams fulfilled, in a body and mind that is driven from the most loving place inside of us, our hearts.
I send out gratitude for all health care workers, keeping our communities healthy and thriving.

The light in me bows to the light in you,